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code B389

LDNIO A3304 5 V 3.4A EU/US/UK prise chargeur mural universel téléphone portable voyage pour Samsung iPhone

Catégorie :

LDNIO DL-A3304 3 Port 3.4A USB home/travel charger

LDNIO DL-A3304 3 Port 3.4A USB home/travel charger, 5V 3.4A Output, 3 ports, Adaptive fast charging USB auto-id compatible charger

3 USB Travel Charger with 3.4A Rapid Charge

Compatible with Computer, Camera, Mobile Phone, Power Bank, MP4, iPAD, iPod etc

Adaptive Fast Charging USB AUTO-ID Compatible Charger

Designed with Safety, Compatibility, Reliability and Quality

Intelligent Protective System: Application of Intelligent Chip & Efficient Energy Conversion Enables less Time Consumption.