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Logiteh Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

Logitech Wireless presenter R400 (Black) The ideal companion for effective presentations

The Logitech Wireless presenter R400 is an effective accessory that enhances your presentations. It comes with a red laser pointer that enables you to attract attention to the specific area and has a powerful battery. The enhanced signal strength makes it ideal for usage while the compact and sturdy design easily fits in your hand and is convenient to carry.
Effective features for seamless performance

This Logitech wireless presenter is armed with powerful connectors that catch signals with ease. This device has a signal range of up to 15 meters hence you can easily move around and not worry about the signal strength. Focusing on a certain area of the slide becomes with the red laser pointer. This pointer is sharp and enhances offers more accuracy. This bright light glows effectively even during extremely dark conditions.
ergonomic structure for better gripping

This Logitech wireless comes with a compact body that easily fits in your hand and is lightweight hence can be easily used. The ergonomic structure provides better griping and lets you operate it without any trouble. At the top are two buttons that enable you to switch slides effectively. The two dedicated buttons let you go forward as well as backward. At the side is the on and off key. By simply sliding the button you can switch this device off or switch it on.
Plug and play feature

Installing this wireless presenter does not involve any hassles as it comes with simple set up. For using this presenter, you simply have to insert the receiver into the USB port and you are done! The receiver has effective compatibility features and can be easily connected with any device. The simple structure offers ease of access.

Catégorie :
Projector Brand Logiteh
Brand logitech
Model R400
Color black
Frequency range 2.4ghz
Wireless Range 15 Metre