Power Bank 20000mAh (18W Fast Charge)

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Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank 20000mAh (18W Fast Charge)

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Xiaomi 20000mAh Redmi 18W Fast Charge – fast charging of two devices simultaneously

Power Bank 20000mAh Redmi black has two USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously. The maximum intensity that Xiaomi 20 000 mAh can offer is as much as 3,6 A. This, together with Quick Charge technology, ensures fast charging of connected devices.

Capacity 20000mAh

  • 74Wh of energy (3.7V, 20000mAh)
  • A good travel companion, sufficient for daily use
  • Charge Redmi Note 7 3.5 times, Mi9T 3.5 times, Mi9 4.5 times, iPhone XS 4.7 times

Quick Charge function

PowerBank Xiaomi has fast charging technology, the powerbank can be half charged within 3 hours. During a quick charge PowerBank Xiaomi redmi 18W will adjust the output current to the connected device to recharge it as soon as possible. The maximum output current is 3.6 A.